Flashlight Modification and Creations........

A growing collection of cool, goofy and quite possibly stupid ideas;

typically related to flashlights, lights and who knows what else.

You can expect a lack of consistency in terms of navigation, format and coherence.

These modifications follow in a cronology so the latest modifications or creations are at

the bottom of this page. A progression in ideas as well as possible insanity may be visible.

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Loc-Line Suction Cup stalk for ARC LS (jpeg)

Clear Epoxy Lens on Arc AAA

ARC LS head on SureFire E1 body

Double ended 123 battery holder for ARC LS

Double Ended light sharing single 123 battery

Adapter for joining SureFire E1 heads to Arc LS battery holders

Arc AAA head in Titanium Body with tail switch

Luxeon Emitter in Mag Flashlight Modification

SureFire E1E with Opalec NewBeam LED module

9 cluster of 3 mm LED's in E1E head; fully regulated constant current circuit.

123 Power Pak for Arc LS utilizing Kroll Clickie Tail Switch

My first flashlight from scratch. This light was inspired by

the results of the 9-cluster above coupled with the need to

replace it as the 9-cluster is no longer in my possession.

(A new friend made me an offer I couldn't refuse)

This Light consists of a wide angle, "flood" beam Luxeon based head on

on a 123 power pak shown above.

5 watt Luxeon LED in SureFire M2

"clickie" tail switch modification for SureFire Ex series.

5 Watt Luxeon in SureFire C2 with M2 bezel

C2-KT turbo head with drop in 5W Luxeon LA

5W Royal Blue Luxeon

Adapter for E2E with C2 bezel and P61 HOLA

McLux convertible lens/reflctor

5W white Luxeon LED in E2E/ Turbo

Arc LS with wide angle flood reflector

KL1 remora on Eveready lantern

E1e with 1 Watt Red HD Luxeon LED

5 Watt white Side Emitter in E2e

Use of "T" slot on SureFire's for joining lights

Some Beam Shots

McLux Reflector

Kroll switch modification for SF "Classic" flashlights

Universal tail switch prototype

Cell extender

2xAA SnapOn light with adapter for KL1 or McLux Bezels

Garrith Clip 'N Lite with adapter for KL1 or McLux Bezels

Limited Production Run of McLux

1 Watt SE White LED Turbo

A study in an internally housed Kroll Switch

Titanium tri-LED "McTi"

Some holder and mount options...

Modified L1

L1 with modified E series head

Overdriven 1 Watt with 30 mm optic lens

Kroll "Clickie" & LED mod to Xenergy

Carbon Fiber E2

5 Watt Luxeon with 30 mm Optic

Nichia 2Watt LED in McLux

Modified L1

E2e with P61 LA

3" Turbo Head with 1 W SE Luxeon

Nichia 2Watt UV LED

1W SE in 3 volt SF "Classic" format

Pelican M6 modifications.......

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