Some of Don's older Web Pages:

LED conversion from incandescent lights in Maui Home

0- 2000lb. load tester

stanchion base study

old MicroStar Web Site 

LED light details for "OceanPlanet"


Titanium pieces I made- one of a kind

Web-Coil developement (Cetacea)

Web-Coil Tethers/ Lanyards on SureFire Flashlights

Custom Surfski Modifications

Spectra flashlight lanyards

Inova X5 LED Flashlight Modifications

Modified Flashlights & CPF stuff

Various LED and MicroStar assemblies and prototypes

Custom LED replacements for courtesy lamps in van

LED-FiberOptic Applications

Shots of "OceanPlanet" at Sail Expo

Dive Helmet prototype with LED clusters

Patented "Bead-Lock " Carabiner

PFD/ Hydration integration

Buddha with magnetic personality

Other Web Pages